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Don’t throw out your hideous looking planters or vases, recycle them!!

I want you to see how an old planter (I was tempted to throw out, but felt guilty doing so) went from horrible looking to Absolutely FAB :-) IMO :-)

I used my tarn and a nice #K/10 1/2-6.50mm hook and made enough stitches to go around the base of the planter, a tip here: please do not start at the bottom of the planter for obvious reasons like you want your planter to drain properly.

Then single crochet and close to form your circle around the base. Then, you can go rogue on your next rows, practice any stitch, but try to do SC every other row, or 2 rows SC that way it covers all the vase.

Continue adding rows until you cover all of your vase/planter and if you still have enough tarn then you can…

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Yarn blanket – Πλεκτή κουβέρτα

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Big Cozy my warm and ultra nice blanket is off my UFO (unfinished objects) list, Yay!!

This yarn is a trademark of Knit Picks Yarns and it is made of 55% superfine Alpaca and 45% Peruvian Highland Wool, super bulky weight, made in Peru, and I like it.

The colors I used where Finnley Heather, Marble Heather and Cobblestone Heather, the darker colors are the grays, I like the warm hue of these colors, it toned down my Recycled Room.

If you remember one of my few resolutions this year was to learn more about fibers and what makes them ideal for each project, well I am still learning but I can tell you that, Big Cozy will give you a soft and warm blanket.

Be ready for lots of “hairs” all over your sofa and clothes, but overall I like this luxurious yarn.

BC is 6’5″ x 4’7″ and…

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Εξωτικές αυλές / Be boho outdoors


Εξωτικές αυλές- boho outdoors

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Επιτέλους, ο καλός καιρός επιτρέπει να βγούμε στα μπαλκόνια μας και να χαρούμε λίγο τον ανοιχτό αέρα, εμείς τα παιδιά της πόλης. Όποιος τυχερός μένει σε εξοχική περιοχή, το μάτι του έχει ήδη χορτάσει πράσινο. Αλλά υπάρχει τρόπος και για τους υπόλοιπους. Μικροί όμορφοι κήποι στήνονται παντού και δεν υπάρχει δικαιολογία για κανέναν, να μην έχει λίγο πράσινο στη βεράντα του.


Ethnic Μπαλκόνια και Αυλές

Φέτος, ανανεώνουμε τη βεράντα μας με ethnic στοιχεία, για πραγματική απόδραση από την καθημερινότητα. Τίποτα ιδιαίτερο δεν απαιτείται, παρά μερικές διακοσμητικές  boho μαξιλάρες σε έντονα φούξια και πορτοκαλί, κεριά, φαναράκια και καντηλέρια σε αντίστοιχο ύφος και ο,τι άλλο αξεσουάρ σας γυαλίσει (καράφες, τραπεζομάντηλα, γλάστρες) .

Bohemian DIY

Και τι ψυχή έχει να φτιάξεις την αυλή σου χωρίς ένα DIY από τα χεράκια σου; Οι τσούπρες λοιπόν προτείνουν σκίαστρο από ρετάλια, διακοσμητικό κρεμαστό από ρετάλια, ζωγραφική σε παλιές καρέκλες, αλλά και μετατροπή γυάλας σε φανάρι με…

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City Chic


Spring outfit- ανοιξιάτικη ενδυμασία

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City Chic

Skater dress

Pink jacket

Toast white shoes

Boyy fringe purse

DANNIJO ear cuff

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Say it with knitting!


Knitting- basics

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knit writing

Whether it be on your clothes, a cushion cover or a patchwork blanket – you can say it with knitting!

First of all decide what you want to write.  Then make a plan.

You’ll need some squared paper which you can buy or make yourself.  Each square on the paper will represent one stitch on your needle.  So number the squares and then mark out whatever you want to write in knitting.  Once you’ve worked out how many stitches wide your whole piece will be you can cast on in your background colour, and have your contrasting colour ready to use when you come to the stitches mapped out on your plan.  As you change colours you just string the other colour across the back of the knitting ready to use next time that colour is required by your plan – you don’t cut – just keep changing between colours…

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Crochet – Royal Crown – a Lotta Kiuru-Ribar Pattern


crochet – royal crown

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a Lotta Kiuru-Ribar Pattern

This is a free crochet crown pattern called “ROYAL” designed by Lotta Kiuru-Ribar.  It works up quick and uses size 5 thread. I used Coats Metallic Knit-Cro Sheen silver in size 10 and a Boye #1 (2.75MM) steel hook.

Free Pattern Available at:

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