Just knit a hat!


knit a hat – πλεκτό καπέλο

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After the chicken hat, and before the kind lesson in white balance from a knowledgeable friend and reader… I decided something simple was called for.  This is the swatchless watch cap from Knitting from the Center Out by Daniel Yuhas.  Locals may recognise that I am casting on, on the train.

2015-06-16 17.20.13

This hat went a few places, from our house…

2015-06-19 12.15.14

…to solstice dinner with a big bunch of friends large and small.

2015-06-20 18.29.42

This is a small amount (66g) of luxury handspun merino/yak/silk naturally dyed by A Verb for Keeping Warm in ‘sticks and stones’.  I bought the fibre from someone else’s destash and it struck me as a delightfully soft and understated hat for someone.  Done.

2015-06-23 15.36.58

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Crochet Thread Pendant Flower Pattern


crochet flower- πλεκτό λουλούδι

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Crochet Thread Pendant

_MG_5195 (2)

A triangle is an excellent way of bridging the difference between flowers of odd shapes and sizes; bringing the piece together. This crochet thread flower pendant is comprised of three (3) separate motifs hand-sewn together.

  • The top could be any open-work flower pattern. I used a Helga Irland design. The pattern used is a variation (6 petals) of the cinquefoil pattern posted here https://crochetthread.wordpress.com/2014/02/24/irish-crochet-motif-free-pattern-cinquefoil/ 
  • The center trillium is:
    ch 4, 2-dc-tog in 4th ch from hook, ch 3, sl st in same ch sp (this center ch sp is used throughout) *ch 3, 2-dc-tog, ch 3, sl st, *repeat 1 time, **sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc in the ch3 sp, sc in top/tog, ch 3, sc in last sc, sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc-ch1-sc in next ch3 sp, sl st in center, **repeat 2 times, add stem (optional) ch 5, sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each remaining, sl st, end/break thread.
  • _MG_5118
  • The bottom

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5+1 ιδέες για να φτιάξεις το δικό σου crop top


diy crop top

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Φέτος το καλοκαίρι η μόδα υμνεί τα 90s και επαναφέρει τάσεις και στυλ που είχαμε ξεχάσει για τουλάχιστον 20 χρόνια. Βασικό χαρακτηριστικό αυτής, τα crop tops!

Αυτή λοιπόν η μόδα σου προσφέρει μια ευκαιρία να χρησιμοποιήσεις τα παλιά φανελάκια που κρατάς στην ντουλάπα σου γιατί σου φαίνονται παλιά, και να τα μεταποιήσεις ώστε να δημιουργήσεις το δικό σου crop top!

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Small SAL (Stitching Along) May 2015


embroidery- κέντημα

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Is Small SAL (Stitching Along) checked in again. I’m really sad that May is coming to an end soon. A new month will start soon.


And I wish your Garden has been blessed with many beautiful flowers like the saying I’ve stitched and decorated with ribbon embroidery and buttons. Have a blossoming May And A summery June ahead my dears.

Happy Stitching as always.

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Don’t throw out your hideous looking planters or vases, recycle them!!

I want you to see how an old planter (I was tempted to throw out, but felt guilty doing so) went from horrible looking to Absolutely FAB :-) IMO :-)

I used my tarn and a nice #K/10 1/2-6.50mm hook and made enough stitches to go around the base of the planter, a tip here: please do not start at the bottom of the planter for obvious reasons like you want your planter to drain properly.

Then single crochet and close to form your circle around the base. Then, you can go rogue on your next rows, practice any stitch, but try to do SC every other row, or 2 rows SC that way it covers all the vase.

Continue adding rows until you cover all of your vase/planter and if you still have enough tarn then you can…

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